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Without professional attention and treatment, a small cavity will gradually spread to compromise an increasing amount of tooth enamel. In time the tooth decay can penetrate the pulp and root of the tooth causing significant sensitivity and a gradually worsening toothache.

In some of these cases, the bacterial presence will invade the surrounding periodontal tissues. As the bacterial fluid continues to accumulate your child might notice worsening pressure and pain in their gums.

Without professional treatment, an untreated dental abscess could lead to severe medical complications. In time the bacterial presence can advance and pass to the bloodstream leading to sepsis.

If your child has been experiencing any of these symptoms you need to seek care from a dentist like Dr. Soudabeh Sharafi. To effectively treat a tooth in this condition she often needs to perform a root canal to excise all areas of tooth decay while also draining the fluid from the dental abscess.

Once this is done she will use special materials to prepare an abutment strong enough to support a dental crown.

After treating the tooth our dentist will likely provide your child with a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. Taking them as directed will help knock out any lingering infection while helping the affected tissues heal comfortably.

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