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Are you practicing effective oral health care techniques with your child? With the coming of Halloween and Thanksgiving, it is important to make sure you can adequately protect your child from any temptations or treats that may be heading their way in the near future.

If your child is extremely young, consider dental sealants to help protect their teeth. Dental sealants can drastically lower a child’s risk for cavities. Typically around the age of 6, a child’s molars begin to grow in. If your child is old enough, consider a dental sealant treatment to protect their smile.

Oral health care treatments including brushing and flossing must be done with care. Never contaminate toothbrushes with your child including using their toothbrush or allowing them to use your toothbrush. This can spread harmful bacteria and acids into their mouth. For children, replace their toothbrush as necessary, which is often every three months or sooner if required. Also, make sure to limit the snacks that your child eats as sugars can seriously damage their tooth enamel as well as give them an upset tummy. Although the holiday season is meant to be a fun time of year, practice effective oral health care to ensure oral accidents and injuries do not arise.

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