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Laser dentistry can provide a multitude of benefits and treatment remedies to not only prepare your child’s smile for additional treatments but also to protect their gums and keep their mouth safe from oral dangers that seek to destroy their teeth and gums. Dental fillings, treating cold sores and canker sores, and even teeth whitening can benefit from laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry is often used for a variety of dental procedures including removing portions of a tooth which has been damaged. With lasers, dentists can easily remove decay and any excess gum tissue around your child’s pearly whites for these treatments. Lasers can zap away bacteria and plaque buildup to prepare a tooth for a dental filling.

Lasers are also prominent in teeth whitening therapies. With professional teeth whiteners, there is often a special gel applied to the teeth via a whitening tray. In order for the gel to fully work, it must be activated by a light source, oftentimes a laser, for it fully penetrate deep stains and discolorations in the mouth. This can all be done without any pain or harm to your child’s teeth and gums.

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