Caring for Your Child’s Smile

As their primary caregiver, one of the most important aspects of bringing your child in for their first dental visit is learning how best to care for their teeth. We are happy to show you how to clean their mouth daily and answer any questions or concerns you may have... Read more »

Helping Your Child Feel at Ease at the Dentist Office

Bringing your child in for their first dental visit early in their life is so they get used to being in a dental office and won’t get nervous. Once your child is older than two, depending on their temperament and personality, they might experience anxiety at the different sights and... Read more »

What is the Myobrace® System of Orthodontic Treatment?

Myobrace® is a pre-orthodontic treatment using aligners that focus on preventative measures and natural growth to address the underlying causes of crooked teeth and alignment issues. Done early, many patients do not need future dental work such as braces and tooth removal. The optimal ages for treatment are anywhere between... Read more »

A Tooth with a Dental Abscess Needs Specialist Treatment

Without professional attention and treatment, a small cavity will gradually spread to compromise an increasing amount of tooth enamel. In time the tooth decay can penetrate the pulp and root of the tooth causing significant sensitivity and a gradually worsening toothache. In some of these cases, the bacterial presence will... Read more »

Traditional Braces Require Periodic Adjustments

Misaligned and overcrowded teeth can leave your son or daughter feeling self-conscious about their smile. It’s also worth noting that an unaddressed underbite, overbite or abnormal spacing between multiple teeth can affect their oral function and could lead to dental complications. If your child has misaligned teeth, you should consider... Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Often Help With Cavity Prevention

Contoured areas on teeth are sometimes prone to trap plaque and food particles. If these bacterial deposits aren’t removed by your daily brushing and flossing efforts, they can lead to an increased chance of suffering cavities.   Along with contours near the gumline, some individuals also have deep pits and... Read more »

Dental Checkup Facts

Dental checkups are very important. In fact, they are vital for the top-notch oral health and smile you deserve. This is why your pediatric dentist, Dr. Soudabeh Sharafi, strongly encourages you to make them a top priority. To help you understand why and to help you better understand dental checkups... Read more »

Oral Health Viewpoint: Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is extremely important for ensuring the oral health care of children is given properly. Through the use of pediatric treatments, a child’s smile can be cared for. Pediatric dentists focus their oral health care entirely on infants and children. However, pediatric dentists can also provide oral health care... Read more »

Test Your Knowledge About Brushing by Taking This Quiz

Do you think you know all there is to know about brushing? If so, it’s time to find out. The more you know about brushing, the better. This is because brushing is very important for a top-notch smile and oral health. The more you know about brushing, the better chance... Read more »

When Thumb Sucking Becomes a Hazard and What You Can Do

Young children have a habit of putting of sucking on objects and fingers as a method of learning and comfort. While a habit of thumb sucking for an infant and toddler is not generally a cause for concern, vigorous or prolonged thumb sucking can have a negative effect on your... Read more »