Teaching Your Child about the Mouth

Good oral health care starts in the home. Part of that is about teaching your young children about their mouth. You probably know, however, that an online article or a lecture won’t really help your child learn about it. Here are some better ideas: Mouth Self Portrait: Gather a mirror,... Read more »

What Can Chewing Sugarless Gum Do for Your Healthy Smile?

Your dental tools are important because they support your daily efforts to keep your smile healthy tooth decay and gum disease at bay. Stocking up on a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and an oral rinse is your dental essentials. But there's one more item you should keep in your oral... Read more »

Fall Tips for Your Child’s Oral Health Care

Are you practicing effective oral health care techniques with your child? With the coming of Halloween and Thanksgiving, it is important to make sure you can adequately protect your child from any temptations or treats that may be heading their way in the near future. If your child is extremely... Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry and its Treatments

Do you have any young children? If so, are there any teeth visible in their mouths yet? As soon as the first tooth has erupted above the gum line, it needs to be cared for. Furthermore, a trip to your child's dentist is required to ensure their oral health is... Read more »

The Answers to Your Questions About Dental Fillings

Did your dentist, Dr. Soudabeh Sharafi, recommend restoring your smile with a dental filling? If so, your oral health and smile are on their way to being in top-notch condition! If you’re like many people in this world, you probably have questions about the treatment. So, to help you, our... Read more »

Mouth Healthy After-School Snack Tips

We all want our child’s teeth to be strong. It’s important to remember that health starts with what we eat! Here are some kid-approved mouth healthy snacks for healthy smiles. Cheese: Cheese is an excellent, calcium-and-protein-packed snack for kids. Additionally, cheese is low-sugar, which is great for teeth. Try a... Read more »

The Oral Health Care Guidebook to Fluoride

Although oral health care often requires much more than taking a magical pill to save your smile, in dentistry, fluoride tablets can certainly help. To help you understand fluoride and your oral health consider the following benefits of fluoride: - Fluoride works to shelter your tooth enamel from dental erosion and... Read more »

The Tips You Need to Help Your Teething Child

Is your child growing their little teeth? If so, this is probably a difficult time for you as well as for your child. No matter which tooth is coming in, it can be a painful process, with many sleepless nights and a clingy child. To help you and your child... Read more »

Brushing Your Teeth is Necessary

Did you know, brushing your teeth is necessary to keep you and your child’s dental health in great shape? Well, it’s true! Brushing your teeth is important to keep your breath fresh and teeth strong. That is why our team here at Soudabeh Sharafi DMD in San Diego, California, is... Read more »

A Floss Threader and Interdental Brushes Can Help Clean Around Braces Hardware

Maintaining good oral hygiene is always important. This is especially true for people with braces, as tooth decay caused by trapped food material and bacterial deposits around braces hardware can complicate the realignment process. In the grand scheme of things, treating cavities and dealing with gum health issues, from poor... Read more »