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Myobrace® is a pre-orthodontic treatment using aligners that focus on preventative measures and natural growth to address the underlying causes of crooked teeth and alignment issues. Done early, many patients do not need future dental work such as braces and tooth removal. The optimal ages for treatment are anywhere between 3 to 15.

The system is a succession of intra-oral appliances that are worn for one hour each day plus overnight while sleeping. Myobrace® can correct poor oral habits and more properly develop the face, teeth and jaw. It does this by helping the patient keep their lips together, stop mouth breathing, force the tongue into the proper resting position within the mouth, and accomplish proper swallowing.

Furthermore, the patient education program, known as Myobrace®Activities, is used to further correct the myofunctional habits causing the incorrect dental and jaw development. The Activities are to be performed twice daily in conjunction with wearing the Myobrace® appliance and consist of a series of breathing, tongue, swallowing, lip and cheek exercises.

There are four stages of Myobrace® treatment and each have a different aligner application focused on:
-Habit correction: This initial stage teaches the patient proper breathing, tongue restraint, swallowing the right way, and keeping the mouth closed.
-Arch development: This stage achieves additional arch support for underdeveloped jaws and to speed up the treatment process.
-Dental alignment: At this stage the patient’s adult teeth are coming in, and the aligners are used to force them into their proper position.
-Retention: The final stage ensures that the treatment success is maintained and that good oral habits are continued.

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